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We’ve Expanded!!

We've expanded! Click here to find out about our new location in Cobourg, Ontario!

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10 Ways to Let Go and Overcome a Bad Mood

Identify negative feelings quickly and improve your state of mind instead of responding to feelings with more feelings. Here are 10 ways to overcome a negative state of mind...

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Relationship Conflicts

Do you ever find yourself arguing about the same things over and over again with your partner or spouse? It seems that no matter how long you’ve been together or how many times you’ve been over the same issues, this cycle never seems to change.
Read Dr. Merry Lin's article about why we can’t seem to break the conflict impasse with our significant other, and get all the details about our upcoming marriage conference!

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Crossroads Women’s Conference

Our own Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Merry Lin, will be speaking at this wonderful event. Click for more details!

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Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

A very powerful and informative TED talk video by Leslie Morgan Steiner with a solid message on why domestic violence victims don’t leave.

Fall Seminars Coming!

Stay tuned for more information on our Fall Seminars.  Groups will include, Anger Management, Child Parent Relationship Therapy, Life Coaching, and more!

Visit our Groups & Seminars page for details.

Studies show that kids exposed to suicide of schoolmate more likely to attempt it.

Suicide is contagious among youth for at least two years, a new study shows.
When children commit suicide, their school peers are more likely to consider or attempt suicide, the study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, concluded.

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The Important Thing About Yelling

A lovely blog post about choosing "a peaceful response" as opposed to letting normal mishaps, and typical kid issues and attitudes irritate you to the point of losing control.

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Adult ADHD

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) no longer has a “poster child”--not even a “poster person,” for that matter. The image of AD/HD in past decades has been the frenzied, elementary-aged boy dangling from the monkey bars, disrupting his class and disobeying all authority, however AD/HD is estimated to affect six to eight percent of children, and persist into adulthood between 30 and 60 percent of the time. Four to five percent of American adults are afflicted.

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The Seven Hidden Dangers of Brooding and Ruminating

It is natural to reflect on painful experiences or worries. By going over such scenes in our minds, we hope to reach new insights or understandings that will reduce our distress and allow us to move on. But this natural process of self-reflection often goes awry such that instead of attaining an emotional release, we simply play the same distressing scenes in our head over and over again, feeling even sadder, angrier, or more agitated, every time we do.

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